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It’s late Sunday afternoon, the sun is going down and it hits: you’ve been running full tilt all weekend getting things done, doing chores, driving kids, grocery shopping, socializing, meeting all those various have-to’s / got-to’s and “pow” it’s over. The whole weekend is gone. What looms before you now is your work week, with a whole different set of demands and deadlines. You’re not rested or restored. Far from it, you’re exhausted and regretting how you’ve used up your two precious days off. Many of those tasks may make your life a bit easier this week, however, you just can’t seem to catch a break or stop the frenzy.

What if you could turn your frantic life into flow? Flow is the experience of clearly focused thoughts and actions that result in greater creativity and positive accomplishments. It is the seemingly effortless state of being where one feels most alive while performing at a high level of personal or professional ability and skills. This is the “zone” that athletes, artists and performers aspire to with hushed and reverent tones. Once believed to be a capricious and illusive spirit, Flow is real and ready to be encouraged. You can learn how to deliberately called up Flow, on-demand, putting it to work in your life, right now.

7  Reasons Why You Want More Flow in Your Life Today

  1. Expand your creativity: Flow encourages your imagination to reach beyond logical, linear thinking into the exploration of limitless possibilities.
  2. Embody greater mental focus:  Flow entrains the mind to hold both the wide angle focus as well as the small details of a problem or project simultaneously.
  3. Experience higher levels of performance: Flow allows you to push further with greater effectiveness, insight and calm into your current challenges and opportunities.
  4. Activate deep internal resources: Flow connects you to your profound, personal inner storehouse of all your learnings and experiences.
  5. Access multiple diverse skill sets:  Flow creates intersecting pathways across your abilities and neural networks promoting greater skill convergence.
  6. Amplify self-confidence: Flow fosters your mental abilities of assurance, tenacity and discernment helping you quickly separate facts from fears in complicated situations.
  7. Improve competency:  Flow enhances your competency by placing you in a state of higher receptivity for learning, performing and information processing.

At Flaming Heart Media we teach
high achieving women the power of Flow

We know you are energized and overwhelmed by your work and countless responsibilities. As your world spins faster and wilder, creating your Flow Zone of focused calm and clearer thinking gives you a tremendous advantage. Through our videos and audio trainings, Flaming Heart Media is your online training resource for learning FLOW.

So, let’s get started…

  • Download our free gift now:  Float the Flow. This is your free introductory Flow audio training. Beginning with your next few breathes, this recording shows you how to come back to yourself with ease. You can move from depleted to restored and from overwhelmed to focused with this practical and easy-to-use method. Start accessing greater states of flow today. Take back control of your life. Download and embrace a better way of managing your life, right now.
  • Signing up for your free gift also brings you Flaming Heart Media’s, Fire and Flow Blog. During the first week of the month you’ll receive training information on how to cultivate creative flow in your daily life. We’ll provide you with proven techniques, tips, and how-to’s plus links to resources and experts across the ever expanding field of flow.
  • Then in the third week of the month you can expect information assisting you in consciously  harnessing your overly activity mind through our flow trainers, contemplative exercises, lessons on practical mindfulness and much more. Having greater control over your thoughts allows you to step more fully into your flow.  You can achieve your goals more effectively with less stress and greater mental flexibility.
  • You’ll can also expect advanced announcements and access to all new products and programs here at Flaming Heart Media. We’re here to help you create the flow you want.

Welcome to Life in the Flow Lane

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