Float the Flow is your free introduction to Flow training. Filled with practical, easy-to-use stratagies, this “right-now” training allows you to start accessing greater states of flow today… more

Mindfulness  Body Scan Audio Training teaches you to effortlessly release body area holding worry, stress and pain, With each breath, you’ll be carried deeper into a more positive relationship with your body… more

Heart Centered Practice  In 5 breaths you can begin to re-regulate your brain and body. Cope better and think more clearly with this 8 minute audio training, to calm your heart and cultivate flow… more

Inward Journey Audio Training guides you to reclaim your inner resourceful self. Travel into your deeply personal and private internal world. This is the place to retrieve dreams, remember forgotten abilities, and revive yourself… more

Pathways to Comfort Guided Deep Relaxation and Restorative Sleep Video Training welcomes you back to a restful world of tranquil and exquisite beauty, guiding you deeper into refreshing sleep… more