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Mindfulness Body Scan – Audio Training


Relearn the deep rhythms of your body from the inside out. Mindfulness Body Scan is an audio-training that invites you to shift your internal experience from tight tension to profound ease.  Learn to effortlessly release body areas holding worry, stress or pain. With each breath, you’ll be carried deeper into a more positive relationship with your body. Gently reenergize your body throughout this flowing journey. Emerge with a renewed sense of your powerful physical self. Be calmer with greater focus. You can enjoy new ways of soothing and anchoring yourself as you learn a more mindful connection to your body and its wisdom.

Mindfulness Body Scan Audio Training Introduction
Content Number 122 A
Track 1
MP3 Format Sound
2 min 43 sec
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Mindfulness Body Scan Audio Training
Content Number 122 B
Track 2
MP3 Format Sound
24 min 20 sec
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