Pathways to Comfort

Pathways to Comfort: Restorative Sleep Video Training


Tranquil Rest and Soothing Sleep are Yours

Pathways to Comfort is a video training, welcoming you back to a restful world of tranquil and exquisite beauty.  Each lush scene invites you to settle into increasing states of comfort and calm.  Following the pathways along the broad seascapes, enchanting gardens and hushed forests, you will reconnect with the flow of your internal quieting rhythm.  Serene piano and soothing narration guide you deeper into refreshing sleep. Whether you watch each unfolding scene or simply listen with your eyes closed, you’ll enjoy traveling again and again on this peaceful journey of serene unruffled rest.  Sweet Dreams.

Pathways to Comfort : A Guided Journey Reclaiming Deep Relaxation and Restorative Sleep – Video Training
Content Number 1.123
Track 1
MP4 Video Format
30 min 48 sec
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Pathways to Comfort : Extended Music
Content Number 2.123
Track 2
MP4 Video Format
28 min 41 sec
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